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After blepharoplasty surgery


Restore your appearance with a youthful and rested sight

From MXN$30,000

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Beautify your look while in Mexico

As we age, our tissues tend to loosen and change. These changes can give your sight a tired and older appearance.

A Blepharoplasty consists of a combination of procedures that revitalize your look and enhance your inner beauty, giving a natural aspect.

I am supremely pleased with Dr. Cadena’s work. She removed 10 mm and 8 mm of upper eyelid from each eye. Dr. Cadena is super meticulous; she measured and re-measured multiple times both well before the operation and during the operation. I would add that Dr. Cadena speaks excellent english.

Craig Minea, age 73

Eye details

Benefits of blepharoplasty

  • In and Out procedure
  • Does not require hospitalization
  • Functional eyelid restoration
  • Visual field improvement
  • Rested appearance
  • Enjoyable experience due to an experienced surgical team
Eye details

What to expect from this surgery

What is a blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a set of procedures to rebuild, or reshape the eyelids. In the following video, Dr. May explains in more detail:


Each case is unique. In the first appointment, the doctor leads to your best treatment option, as well as a preoperatory valorization.

Surgical Procedure

We will help you choose the hospital that fits your personal needs. Our teamwork will make you feel comfortable during this process. No hospitalization required.

Before starting, the anesthesiologist will apply medication so you do not feel pain.

In this ambulatory procedure, the surgeon will make a small cut in the eyelid to eliminate excess skin, muscle, or fat around the eyes. Then, will close the incision.

Recommendations and care after the blepharoplasty surgery
  • Recovery: usually painless. Topical medication and relative rest needed for a short period. We will remove stitches around 7 to 10 days after the procedure.
  • Activities: a day or two after the procedure, the patient can drive and read. Exertion is not recommended for two weeks when swelling and bruising remain. To avoid discomfort, you can use shades.
  • Post-operative appointments: This process is a team effort. You will have to continue visiting the doctor to check your healing, if you have followed the care instructions and above all, that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Terms and conditions

  • The prices shown on this page are in Mexican pesos and include taxes.
  • The price includes the surgery of the upper eyelids or lower eyelids, medical fees for the surgical team, operating room rental, surgical medical supplies, and 1 postoperative appointment.
  • The doctor will determine if other procedures are required, which may increase the final price. The patient will be informed in the valorization appointment.