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Palpebral Tumor Treatment
Palpebral Tumor Treatment

Palpebral Tumor Treatment

Excision of tumors on the eyelids

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Eyelid tumors are abnormal growths that can develop on the eyelids. They can have various symptoms, such as an increase in eyelid size, lumps or protrusions, persistent redness, changes in eye shape, or loss of eyelashes. It is essential to consult with a specialist in eyelids to receive appropriate medical attention and treat them effectively.

In some cases, the resection of certain tumors can be quick, and local anesthesia may be enough. However, advanced cases require biopsy and reconstruction using a surgical microscope.

The strategy to address with eyelid tumors varies depending on their type and severity. It is crucial to comprehend their anatomy and function to achieve successful reconstruction.

Palpebral Tumor Treatment

Some symptoms:

  • Increase in eyelid size
  • Presence of bumps or protrusions
  • Persistent redness
  • Changes in eye shape
  • Loss of eyelashes

Dr. May Cadena has a team capable of providing an intraoperative study conducted by a pathologist, which ensures in most cases the total resection of the tumor.

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